EA expects PS3 fightback

In a supplement issued alongside its third-quarter fiscal results, Electronic Arts has provided its predictions for console and portable hardware.

The report states that European gamers are to favour the PS3 over the Xbox 360 in 2008, although the formats will remain tied in North America.

In Europe, EA predicts Sony will sell up to six million consoles, compared to Microsoft’s 2.5 million, whereas the consoles will remain tied on 5.5 million systems in North America. Overall, EA anticipate the PS3 will sell 3.5 million more consoles than Microsoft’s system in the Western markets.

However, EA expects Wii to continue its momentum, with projected European sales of 7.5 million. The report also paints a positive picture for the DS, with sales predictions of 7.5 million, 4 million more than Sony’s PSP.

EA stress that this figures may not reflect the views of the hardware manufacturers, and that the estimates will likely change.

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