EA: FIFA could head to Natal and Move

Electronic Arts has hinted that upcoming motion consoles Natal and Move could offer FIFA players a different experience waiting to be uncovered”.

FIFA World Cup 2010’s producer Simon Humbler told VG247: Whenever any of these peripherals come out we think about what they could add to the football experience.

I think the hard thing in respect of PlayStation Move, which has comparisons to the Nintendo Wii device, is that the type of football you can provide for this isn’t particularly authentic.”

However the EA producer believes the gameplay may be better suited to mini-games rather than entire matches.

I think there is a different experience there waiting to be uncovered but personally I think it is hard to integrate that into our football game,” Humbler added.

What you could potentially do is add mini games with penalties and the like, but other than that I’m not sure what else you could do.”

PlayStation Move and Project Natal will be available to buy before the end of the year. FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa hits UK stores on the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PSP on April 30th.

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