EA: Mass Effect and FIFA will be forefront of Wii U launch

EA expects its Wii U launch titles to get plenty of attention next week.

Both FIFA 13 and Mass Effect 3 Special Edition will be releasing alongside the console on November 30th.

It’s always an exiting time for the industry and consumers when new hardware is introduced,” said product marketingboss for EA Sports and Maxis Dan Holman.

FIFA 13 is our best football game ever on a Nintendo console. The GamePad radically changes the way you can play FIFA and opens it up to gamers of all skill levels.We have high expectations for FIFA 13’s performance on Wii U as a triple-A launch title on all new HD platforms.”

FIFA 13 – which sold over 7.4 million copies worldwide in four weeks – will launch with new features for Wii U.

Meanwhile, Mass Effect 3 Special Edition will include all the additional DLC plus GamePad support.

The Wii U represents a new opportunity for the industry this Christmas and it’s great that Mass Effect 3 Special Edition will be part of the launch,” said EA Games and BioWare business lead Colin Blackwood.

This is the first time that the Mass Effect universe will be on a Nintendo console and we’re very excited at the prospect of a new audience.We expect it to be at the forefront of the Nintendo Wii U offerings at launch.”

EA is amongst the big Wii U third-party supporters, which includes Ubisoft, Activision, Sega, THQ, Tecmo Koei, Disney, Namco Bandai and Warner Bros.

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