EA out of the running for third Worst Company in America title

Battlefield and Titanfall publisher EA will not be crowned The Consumerist’s Worth Company in America for a third time.

EA ‘lost’ its first round battle with Time Warner Cable in the narrowest ‘victory’ the poll has seen since 2011 – 51.2 per cent vs 48.8 per cent of the vote.

Despite its cock-up of the Battlefield 4 and Titanfall releases, EA just didn’t have the all-out support that it had received in the previous two tournaments,” the site stated.

And while Time Warner Cable has always merited a spot in the WCIA brackets, the company’s pending merger with former WCIA champ Comcast undoubtedly played into readers’ voting decisions.

Judging by the absolute crushing that Comcast brought down on Yahoo in its first round match, there is a lot of hatred out there for the nation’s largest cable/Internet provider, and today’s TWC result confirms that voters are more than happy to spread that hate around.”

Sanity prevails!

Other companies through to the second round include Verizon, McDonalds, Ticketmaster, Walmart, American Airlines and Bank of America.

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