EA pleased with ME2 digital sales

John Riccitiello, the CEO of publisher EA, has said that the digital version of Mass Effect 2 that was released on Sony’s PSN has been a success for several reasons.

Though he stopped short of revealing the game’s exact sales numbers, IGN reports that the exec told at audience at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference in San Francisco that the game was both a commercial and experimental triumph.

"Sony had never done a day and day release," he explained. "They were very cautious about their infrastructure so it was mostly a technology test."

"This was really more about proving it can be done than it was proving what the opportunity would be. So an unmarketed game one year after the original was done on the Xbox and the PC, we released the PS3 and managed to do very, very well with it.

"They have got to manage both selling boxes at retail, and it’s generally a pretty thin margin business. And so they basically negotiate and leverage shelf space on the promise of making retail margin on software."

PSN has in the region of 12 ‘full’ titles to download on the service including Warhawk, MAG, The God of War Collection and Burnout Paradise.

Microsoft’s Xbox Live On Demand service has closer to 200 games on offer.

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