EA snares UK sci-fi writer

British Science fiction author Richard K. Morgan has teamed up with publisher EA to work on three separate sci-fi projects, the writer himself has claimed on his blog, as spotted by Kotaku.

It’s not yet known what projects Morgan is involved with, but it doesn’t take a huge amount of imagination to presume that one of them is the still mysterious Dead Space 2.

About a year ago, and out of the blue, I got an e-mail from one John Miles, an enforcer (okay, not really) for the British arm of EA Games,” Morgan writes.

He had a proposition for me, was I interested? Interested, of course, was putting it mildly. Video gaming is the only thing in my life that I would fully qualify as an addiction.

Was I interested in coming aboard with EA to write and script for a particular game project they had going, with a view to other game projects thereafter, and if so could I be in Berlin in a week’s time? Talk about your offers you can’t refuse.

Now, without breaking any Non-Disclosure Agreements, I can cautiously reveal that I’ve been pulled in to consult on three separate games and have hit one of the steeper learning curves of my creative existence. Gaming turns out not only to be exactly as fascinating a medium as you’d expect, it’s also a very young industry and its norms have yet to be fully formed.”

Richard K. Morgan is best known for his sci-fi novels, which include Altered Carbon, Broken Angels, Market Forces, Woken Furies, Black Men and The Steel Remains. He’s also penned two Black Widow graphic novels.

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