EA: Titanfall 2 is Call of Duty’s true rival, not Battlefield

Call of Duty’s biggest competitor this Christmas is Titanfall, EA has told MCV @ Gamescom.

EA’s CMO Chris Bruzzo said that Battlefield 1 may be the bigger game, but it is actually a very different beast

Titanfall 2 is also being developed by Respawn, a company founded by former Infinity Ward staff – the studio that is making this year’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

I think that the style of play that Call of Duty has become known for is a great fit for players who should be playing Titanfall 2,” Bruzzo said.

Honestly, the people at Respawn were one of the originators of that style of play. If you want to put games next to each other, I’d put Titanfall up against Call of Duty and ask which one is doing interesting things.

As it relates to Battlefield, it’s a whole other thing. It’s way more strategic and thoughtful. Even though they are all FPS’, they’re all very different.

Battlefield is going to find a big audience. The reception to some of the content has been so strong. I hope we bring people in to the genre that have never played before.”

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