EA to steal CoD market share with ‘year-round’ Battlefield push

There is no let up in EA’s crusade against Call of Duty, with the publisher hoping to nearly halve the venerable shooter’s market share.

In an interview with MCV, European Publishing SVP reiterated EA’s long-running plan to challenge Activision’s dominance of the FPS genre.

The first shot was fired last year in Medal of Honor’s reboot, but the big gun is Battlefield 3, out on October 28th. Modern Warfare 3 is out two weeks later, on November 8th.

We will give Activison a hard time in the space,” said Intat, referring to previous victories over PES with FIFA as EA’s prior form. "What we did there is look at our code, and return with a better game. Then we took back market share and then claimed the majority.

"That’s what we are doing in the shooter space. Rome wasn’t built in a day. We might not do it Day One.Activision has 90 per cent of the shooter market, and we want to see that go down to 70. I would be even happier if they were left with 60 per cent.”

The secret, he added, is that Call of Duty will be challenged via both the classic boxed product model plus a year-round digital content campaign.

The poster child for the model is FIFA. Ultimate Team has proven that we can give a compelling experience every day, and monetise it.”

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