EA ups disclosure requirements for sponsored content

Influencers and YouTubers who agree to promote EA content will from now on need to be even more transparent about their commercial agreements.

Polygon reports that the publisher now requires the use of two hashtags – #supportedbyEA and #advertisment. The former is to be used in situations where content is editorially independent but production has been supported by the publisher – for instance, when a YouTuber is flown to a press event. The second is for work where EA has had an element of editorial control.

EA requires that content creators who are posting sponsored content disclose their relationship with EA to their followers,” the publisher said. Rules may vary slightly by region, but we want to ensure our players are aware when content is sponsored.”

Any YouTuber, Streamer or otherwise active Influencer who enters into a collaboration with EA in their content creation and does not yet use their own labelling system, is now requested to use our hashtags and watermarks.”

Roku, EA’s previous content creator agreement, had always required disclosure. But as the FTC oversees the transition from muddy waters to clear transparency, EA is sensible for taking measures to ensure it doesn’t fall foul of the system in the same way some of its rivals have.

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