EA wants in on Amazon, Google and Apple consoles

Expect any future consoles from Amazon, Google or Apple to feature EA games from the off.

Describing itself as a platform-agnostic company”, EA CEO Andrew Wilson has said that the publisher is interested in any potential under-the-TV Android or iOS console offerings.

Every time there are new ways and opportunities for people to play games, that’s great for us and it’s great for our ability to bring new and innovative experiences to our gamers,” he told investors, as reported by Seeking Alpha.

EA is and has always been kind of a platform-agnostic company. We do our best to bring great experiences to gamers on whatever platforms they’re playing on. So right now we think about our world kind of in three modalities of play, the lean-back experience in the living room, the lean-in experience with PC and free-to-play, particularly, in emerging markets and the lean-over experience on mobile as that is such a growing part of the gaming community, the gaming ecosystem.

As it relates to specific technology, we’re watching eagerly but we see that more as our ability to manifest those three modalities of play. And we’ll work with each of those partners to deliver great games and services to gamers in the modality of play that makes most sense for them.”

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