EE admits that 500MB 4G data plan has little use for customers

The cheapest 4G tariff offered by Everything Everywhere is little use for anything beyond checking email and surfing the net.

An infograph released by the telco, which you can see below, suggests that those who sign up for the 36 per month entry-level tariff will be unable to use their phones for a range of functions without running the risk of bypassing their data limits.

Even relatively basic functions like Facebook are not recommended on the price plan.

In fact, only the 8GB 56pm tariff offers the full range of wireless functionality, according to the company.

500MB is enough to do approximately one of the following,” the guidelines read. Send 500,000 emails with no attachment; Send 1,000 emails with photo attachments; Visit 5,000 simple sites like Twitter; Visit 1,500 rich content sites like BBC; Download 50 low-quality songs; Download 12 high-quality songs; Watch 60 short videos.”

In truth, EE is probably doing itself a bit of a disservice here. While it’s true that those who sign up to 4G will naturally want to make the most of the new opportunities afforded to them, the 500MB tariff is of use – generally speedier over-the-air data is a good thing, even if used for basic functions.

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