Eight games named for 3DS launch

Nintendo has confirmed that eight titles will launch with the 3DS in Japan on February 26th.

Only one of these, Nintendogs+Cats, is a first party title with the others coming from third party publishers – Super Street Fighter IV 3D, Winning Eleven, Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle (which is published by Nintendo in the UK), Ridge Racer 3D, Combat of Giant Dinosaur 3D, Puzzle Bobble 3D and Samurai Warriors Chronicle.

Many more will be made avaiable thoughout Q2 2011.

The news comes from the Nintendo World event held over the weekend in Japan, where it was also confirmed that 3DS games will retail for as much as Y5,800 (45) in Japan – that a Y1,000 premium over standard DS games, and brings the software pricing closer to that of PSP in the territory.

Playable games at the gathering included Ocarina of Time, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater, Resident Evil Revelations, Nintendogs+Cats, Kid Icarus, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, Pilot Wings, Winning Eleven 3D (that’s PES), Steel Driver, Ridge Racer 3D, Dead or Alive Dimensions, Samurai Warriors Chronicle, AR Games and the 3DS camera software.

A number of other titles were shown in movie form.

In addition, Nintendo president Saturo Iwata has reiterated previously claims that the platform holder has around 4m 3DS units ready for the global rollout this quarter.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal (as translated by Kotaku), Iwata clarified that it intends to ship 1.5m units to Japan and the remaining 2.5m units everywhere else – chiefly America and Europe.

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