Eight Kerbal Space Program devs leave the project, but will be replaced

Eight of the main developers behind Kerbal Space Program have left the studio, but Squad assures fans the game will live on.

In a post on Reddit eight developers announced their departure from the Kerbal Space Program team. Mike (Mu), Bill (Taniwha), Nathanael (NathanKell), Sbastien (Sarbian), Jim (Romfarer), Brian (Arsonide), Chris (Porkjet) and Nathan (Claw) have all left the project, after completing the 1.2 update.

All good things must come to an end, and so it is for us,” said the group of developers. It is time for each of us to move on from Squad. Kerbal Space Program is an incredible game and has truly been a joy to create. We have greatly enjoyed working together with such a tightly-knit, professional, and talented development team, and with such a wonderful community. Over the last update cycle we’ve taken KSP to new heights and achieved great things with such a small team. We’ve finished work on update 1.2 and when Squad releases it, it will be a product of which we can be truly proud. We hope you share that opinion and we hope you enjoy playing it as much as we loved creating it.”

After the announcement many fans were worried that this would spell the end of development for Kerbal Space Program, however Squad, the studio behind KSP, has confirmed that they are looking to replace the outgoing team members and continue development on the game.

If you’ve been following us closely, you must be aware that we’re growing and we’ve been looking for talent and great collaborators that help us build the next milestone of this franchise,” said community manager UomoCapra on the KSP forums. New talents have enrolled in the past few months and they are just as excited as we are. Bringing new talents is allowing us to bring fresh ideas to the plate and we can’t be more excited for what’s coming.”

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