ELSPA already lobbying over Change4Life

The UK video games industry has already leapt into action following news that the responsibility for to Government’s Change4Life campaign is to be handed over to the private companies that until now part-funded it.

A large drive to cut Government spending costs has seen all state funding of the ad drive withdrawn, with Health Secretary Andrew Lansley urging companies to fill the monetary void in return for a relaxing of the rules and regulations that govern the content of the campaign.

The immediate fear some in the industry is that the many food manufacturers who bankroll Change4Life may seek to continue the agenda seen last year that preferred to highlight unproven concerns linking gaming to ill-health rather than proven links between fatty and sugary food.

However, ELSPA’s director general Michael Rawlinson has told MCV that: ELSPA has been on to the Department of Health first thing this morning ensuring that the industry’s voice is heard. We will continue to monitor the situation so that the department continues to engage with the industry.”

ELSPA played a major part in undoing the damage caused by the initial Change4Life campaign in 2009.

Nintendo remains the video games’ industry’s sole representative on the Change4Life board.

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