Embracer Freemode has a new PR and communications team

Embracer Group has announced that a new PR and Communications team will support its Freemode group of companies. Freemode is a selection of 14 independently operated businesses that are owned by Embracer, most of which pursue opportunities related to video games and other forms of entertainment. 

The new PR team will assist Embracer Freemode with its communication needs, and will be led by experienced industry veterans like Alex Verrey (Joytech, Mad Catz, Big Boy PR, Little Big PR, Heaven Media) and Gabrielle Hibberd (Little Big PR, Heaven Media, Renaissance PR). 

“With fourteen companies sitting within the Freemode group, it’s important that we support our family of businesses with robust PR and Communications, benefiting from the efficiencies and experience our in-house team can provide.” said Lee Guinchard, CEO of Embracer Freemode. “Sitting within our Services department, today’s announcement is part of a broader plan to ensure organic growth throughout the operating group.”

“With 30 years of industry experience behind me, my love of retro and classic gaming only grows stronger, so the opportunity to join Embracer Freemode, a group which cherishes heritage gaming as part of their DNA, was simply too good an opportunity to pass up. Embracer is leading the industry in presenting a decentralized, progressive business model in which companies can thrive and serve the gaming community. From retro to modern gaming, devices, and hardware, and so much more, there’ll be plenty to keep us busy in the months and years ahead.” added Alex Verrey, VP of PR & Communications.

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