Empire staffs anger grows over dreadful circumstances

Employees of Empire Interactive are experiencing ‘dreadful circumstances’ as the company drags its feet over confirming their fate.

MCV broke the news on Friday that the firm had fallen into administration, and that all staff are expected to be made redundant this week.

One employee told us: On Friday, MCV scooped an official email from the director to Empire staff by nearly two hours. This official email says that staff won’t be told until next week what is to happen to them.

Your article, as timely and newsworthy as it was, does not at all do justice to the dreadful circumstances of the past few months.

"Also, we should not forget the creditors that will not be paid. Some of these are small enterprises and Empire’s collapse may hit them hard.”

Another added: Nothing’s been confirmed, but it looks as if everyone’s going to be called in one by one and told there’s no job to come back to. I’ve already been informed. It’s a very sad situation.”

One angry employee chose MCV’s messageboards to vent: Well thanks for letting your staff know Empire here on MCV that we all no longer have jobs thanks a lot! I guess I’ll have to ask the [administrators] when I’m getting paid for the month of March and April!”

Russian distributor and publisher Noviy Disk seemed a likely White Knight last month, but the two firms could not finalise terms.

Administrator KPMG was subsequently called in two weeks ago to find a buyer. MCV understands it received two expressions of interest, but these never grew into firm offers.

KPMG is expected to release an official announcement this afternoon.

MCV has contacted Empire’s US parent Silverstar Holdings for more information.

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