End in sight as Curiosity reaches its last 50 layers

What’s inside the cube? WHAT’S INSIDE THE SODDING CUBE?

Six months on from the launch of Peter Molyneux’s global gaming experiment Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube?, gamers are finally getting tantalisingly close to discovering the answer.

Calculations at developer 22Cans suggest that c-day could likely be on May 10th at around midday, although this of course changes moment-to-moment depending on the current tap rate. And with media attention likely to refocus the public, the conclusion could possibly arrive far sooner.

When players reach the final five layers the studio will go into what is being called ‘Cube Watch’ – this is when the cube will be under 24 hour surveillance to protect against any attempted hacks.

When just 10,000 cubelets remain 22Cans will begin closely monitoring the game’s server which tracks taps down to the millisecond. That way, there will be no doubt as to the identity of the ‘winner’.

Once a user has been identified some sort of change will occur to the cube that all players will be able to see. Only the winner, however, will receive the much-touted video link that reveals the mystery in full.

This person will become only the fourth individual to discover the cube’s secret. The video will explain their choices and outline what is likely to happen to them next.

And having successfully kept the secret for six months, natural blabbermouth Molyneux cannot wait for the moment to arrive.

"If I give any clues then the amazing fact that it hasn’t leaked out it would be such a shame if that was the case," he told Eurogamer. "We felt people were just getting tired. People are forgetting that idea of what’s in the middle and they’re just going onto the cube to tap. I was slightly worried by people turning around and saying we’re never going to get to the middle. You know, it’s an impossible task.

"And the other thing is, I am desperate for someone to get to the middle. I’m just impatient for that to happen. It needs to happen. As I’ve always said it’s an amazing thing that’s in the middle, and I want the world to find out what that is.

"They’ve now got a strong objective. As soon as you get through the 50 layers then the prize and the mystery at the middle will be discovered. We want to give away that prize."

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