ESL lifts ban on ex-IBUYPOWER and Epsilom players after new ESIC cheating guidelines revealed

The indefinite match-fixing ban on ex-IBUYPOWER players has been lifted by ESL following new recommendations on match-fixing sanctions.

ESL announced they would be lifting the bans placed on players before February 15, 2015 and adopting the new cheating guidelines recommended by the Esports Integrity Commission on social media this afternoon. The ban on ex-Epsilom players will also be lifted. 

Ulrich Schulze, senior vice president product at ESL said: “We believe that integrity and fair play are of the utmost importance in esports, and our updated catalogue of sanctions reflects that commitment.

“All of these adjustments do not apply to bans and punishments issued by Valve directly though, which will still be in place for all Valve sponsored tournaments run by ESL.”  

Under the new guidelines, anyone caught cheating for the first time will be disqualified from the tournament and have their results and prize money taken away. The offending team or player will also receive a ban ranging between two years and lifetime depending on the nature of the cheats and the size of the tournament entered.

Anyone caught in the middle of a match-fixing scandal will have their results voided and be handed a five year ban unless there are significant mitigating factors in line with ESIC’s anti-corruption code.

Bans of one or two years will also be given out if players or teams are caught doping or manipulating or bribing their competitors.

The rules will be effective for all events in IEM, ESL One, ESL Pro League series as well as ESEA leagues and amateur competitions. 

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