eSports now a $612m business thanks to emerging western markets – Superdata

New data from Superdata shows that the eSports market currently boasts an audience of 134m, with the business generating $612m.

Games Industry points to a new report from the research firm, which points to the accelerated growth of Western markets as a major factor for the market’s continued emergence. North America accounts for $143m of the global share, while Europe has climbed to $73m.

"North America and Europe have recently seen a tremendous rise in the number of people who watch eSports online and attend live tournaments," Superdata stated.

"Popular digital game titles like DotA 2 and League of Legends enjoy a massive audience that regularly watches or participates in competitions. The emergence of competitive gaming presents publishers with a new avenue to extend the user experience and allows brands to engage a generation of consumers that spend little time with traditional forms of entertainment."

All that said, Asia is still the dominant force when it comes to eSports. The territory represents $374m of the total. Beyond those three territories, the rest of the world accounts for the remaining $24m.

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