Euclideon responds to Unlimited Detail reception

After releasing its video detailing progress on Unlimited Detail, Brisbane studio Euclideon talks to MCV about the variety of reactions from people.

The new voxel-based graphics engine boasts the capability of producing images 100’000 times better than current standards, which has attracted some scepticism including Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, creator of Minecraft, calling Euclideon snake oil salesmen.

Bruce Dell, CEO of Euclideon, told MCV: "We are all big Minecraft fans here, so we were a bit surprised when [Notch] said we were trying to scam people for money! Normally at this stage in development it’s good to gather up some villains who later go on to get defeated when we release in realtime. In this particular case, we certainly don’t want that to end up being ‘Notch’."

Euclideon is now finding itself trying to explain its methods in a way which will make sense to people who know graphics technology as well as general consumers.

Dell continues: "If you have a graphics background, then what we say must sound impossible. There’s an easy way to understand it, it’s a new time of three dimensional search algorithm, just like Google or Yahoo."

"At present, a lot of 3D atom systems work in a way in which all the books in the library are scattered all over the floor and you have to go through and each and every one of them until you find snow white."

"Let’s say you went to the library and all the books were on the shelves. Then, I would look for the ‘S’ section, then the ‘SN’ section and it would only be about half a dozen jumps before I reached Snow White."

"This is the basis of how search algorithms work and with it, we find one atom for each pixel on the screen."

Euclideon now intends to go silent again until it has a new video update for the general public.

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