Euro focus for Rock Band

Music game developer Harmonix wants to take a larger slice of the European market after selling 16.1m units of Rock Band worldwide.

The MTV-owned studio says there will be a heavier proportion of UK and European artists in Rock Band 3’s track list than previous instalments.

The music title, which hits stores last week, is also supported by localised DLC targeting the the French, Swiss, UK and other European markets.

Speaking to MCV at Harmonix’s HQ in Boston, CEO Alex Rigopulos said: The UK and Europe is hugely important to us, and honestly it’s been a real disappointment that we haven’t reached the same level of success in Europe yet as we have in the US.

It’s something we think and talk about constantly – the ways we can remedy that and realise the potential in Europe. And we’re doing that in a number of ways.

In Rock Band 3 we’ve made more of an investment in European content than we have in the past, but more importantly with the Rock Band Network we’re actively reaching out to stimulate a community of content creators all across Europe to get some regional content on the platforms as well.”

EA is distributing the title in the UK.

We speak to the Rock Band developers in length here.

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