EVE: Valkyrie confirmed for HTC Vive

CCP’s space dogfighter EVE: Valkyrie will be released on the HTC Vive.

The game was at one stage pegged as an Oculus Rift exclusive, and was even co-published by the Facebook firm for the platform. The game was also a pre-order freebie for those who laid down money for the headset.

However, having also been confirmed as a launch title for Sony’s PlayStation VR in October, CCP has completed its VR hat-trick.

EVE: Valkyrie has been dubbed by many as the stand-out title from the Oculus Rift launch line-up. It certainly delivers on what many imagined the ‘VR dream’ to be. The fact that players are stationary in a seat in-game helps add to the illusion, too.

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