IRL tickets are now on sale – join us at the comeback industry event on September 16th

Today we’re launching tickets sales for our IRL event on September 16th. IRL is an entirely new MCV/DEVELOP industry event. It’s been a long time since we’ve all been able to gather en masse and we think late mid September will be the right time for such a gathering. 

This is not the MCV/DEVELOP Awards. Instead IRL will be a more casual, more inclusive event, designed so that anyone and everyone in the industry can attend, meet colleagues, network, and applaud the efforts that have been made by so many over the last year and more. 


To that end we’ve secured a brilliant central London venue, right next to Waterloo station. It’s a big blank canvas (in brick) upon which we can craft an event to celebrate the industry.

Tickets start from £50 and include three free drinks and a decent amount of nibbles. We looked into fully catering the event, but it was simply impossible to serve a full evening meal to 500 people without it completely taking over the evening (even with five food trucks, it would have taken at least a couple of hours to serve everyone, with queues snaking around the venue). 

Based on feedback we’ve had from the MCV/DEVELOP Awards, people would rather spend more time chatting and less time eating. So we strongly advise you get yourself a bite to eat with friends or colleagues before you come along, and we promise to keep you going while you’re with us. 

We’re looking to sell around 500 tickets in total, although the venue can hold almost double that number. We’ll be releasing these in groups and expect them to sell quickly. We do, of course, live in unpredictable times, and we will delay the event should the conditions be unfavourable to hold it. 


We’d like to say a huge thanks to our IRL Founders: CCP and Keywords Studios, who believed in the event from the very beginning, and without whom we would not have gotten it off the ground. 

A big thanks as well to all our IRL Partners: Amiqus, Frontier, Hutch, OPMjobs, PTW and Renaissance PR. All of whom have supported key parts of the event. Again, IRL wouldn’t be possible without you all. 


Nominations for the IRL awards are now CLOSED.

In the middle of the evening, we will be giving out just a handful of IRL awards, with individual winners being recognised for their successes and sacrifices across the last year, as well as applauding CSR and diversity initiatives, plus charitable efforts. We aim simply to show the world that games, and the people in games, are a huge force for good. 

We’re now opening nominations for the awards, although due to the tight time constraints on this event these will close in three weeks on the 6th of August, so get going! Due to current uncertainties around international travel, the awards are only open to those based in the UK who are able to attend the event. 


As many are still working from home, and some will travel to London to the event, we decided to offer an afternoon segment to complement the main evening event, the IRL Prologue. 

This casual afternoon meetup will be perfect if you want a quiet chat with colleagues, clients and partners, before the more vibrant evening event – although that will still have quieter spaces (or as quiet as they can be) for those who just want to sit and chat. 


For more information about IRL you can head to the website There’s more details on the event, you can access our Eventbrite ticket page and you can nominate your colleagues and friends for our awards categories. 

Also, we’re still looking for partners who might be able to add something special to the event. Please contact if you’re interested in supporting an industry-celebrating event with at least 500 attendees from every walk of the industry.

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