Average global broadband connection speed hits 3.1Mbps; UK hits 7.9Mbps

The average internet user from anywhere in the world enjoys a connection speed of 3.1Mbps.

That’s according to a new report from Akamai entitled The State of the Internet. It’s the first time the global average has surpassed 3Mbps.

The global peak speed averages out at 18.4Mbps.

The UK misses out on the Top Ten which is led by South Korea (14.2Mbps), Japan (11.7Mbps), Hong Kong (10.9Mbps), Switzerland (10.1Mbps) and the Netherlands (9.9Mbps). The US (8.6Mbps) and Denmark (8.2Mbps) scrape in at ninth and tenth places respectively.

The UK apparently averages 7.9Mbps, placing it joint fifth amongst the listed European nations. The UK does, however, boast Europe’s highest peak connection speed – 47.9Mbps. That also places it behind only South Korea (63.6Mbps) and Japan (50Mbps) in the global peak connection rankings.

Italy is named as Europe’s slowcoach with speeds of 4.4Mbps.

68 per cent of what is called internet attack traffic originates from Asia with China (34 per cent) named as the top offender ahead of Indonesia (21 per cent), the US (8.3 per cent), Turkey (4.5 per cent) and Russia (2.7 per cent).

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