Blizzard takes Overwatch cheaters to court

Blizzard has filed a lawsuit against German company Bossland, the creator of Watchover Tyrant, which is a cheating tool for Overwatch.

The publisher is accusing Bossland of copyright infringement, unfair competition, and violating the DMCA’s anti-circumvention provision,” TorrentFreak reports.

Defendants’ sale and distribution of the Bossland Hacks in the United States has caused Blizzard to lose millions or tens of millions of dollars in revenue, and to suffer irreparable damage to its goodwill and reputation,” Blizzard stated.

However, Bossland is confident with its position. Speaking to TorrentFreak, CEO Zwetan Letschew said it’s not the first complaint they have receive from the developer.

There are over 10 ongoing legal battles in Germany already,” he said.

The company also published a long post entitled Blizzard devastated, clutching at any straw” on its website, in which they explain why they think this lawsuit won’t go far.

[Blizzard] lost the suit of Heroes of the Storm in Germany, where they paid back Bossland GmbH lawyer costs and court costs in May 2016,” it says.

Now Blizzard wants to try it in the US too. One could ask himself, why now and not back in 2011. Why did Rod Rigole [Blizzard deputy general counsel] even bother to fly to Munich and drive with two other lawyers 380 km to Zwickau. Why not just sue us in the US five years ago?”

Blizzard has already taken action against cheaters in the past, banning players who’ve been using cheat programs.

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