Could it go all the way? A look at Madden and esports

On Tuesday, Curtis Martin donned a Denver Broncos uniform alongside Marshawn Lynch and Greg Olsen, and faced off against a Carson Palmer-led Pittsburgh Steelers. It didn’t take long before Martin benefited from the halfback toss, sowing disarray into a defense that took a wild trip to pancake city. The scenario repeated itself enough times that, with two minutes left, the Broncos were up 37-0.

Suddenly, the game halted, revealing the pause menu of EA Sports’ flagship NFL game, "Madden NFL 16." Soon after, two players appeared on their seats: a calm, yet jubilant, Derek "DJONES" Jones, opposite a distraught Anthony "Young Nephew" Brinson – who had far better days in 2008. After gathering himself and against all odds, Young Nephew opted to resume the game and attempt to score a touchdown before bowing out.

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