E3 2011: Day One Roundup

Missed any of the news from LA? Of course you have. You’d have to be a a robot to absorb every single headline and announcement from yesterday’s E3 2011 opener. So thank the heavens that MCV is here to roundup everything you need to know so far.


OPINION: Microsoft’s E3 press conference

Cloud storage for Xbox 360
Halo 4, 5 and 6 announced
Kinect Sports 2 confirmed
Dance Central 2 announced
Kinect Fun Labs goes live
Fable: The Journey announced
Minecraft heading to Kinect
Halo smashes E3
Forza 4 dated
Ryse revealed
Voice control leads New Xbox Experience
Ice T demos Gears of War 3
Kinect support for Tom Clancy titles
FIFA for Kinect
Mass Effect 3 Kinect support confirmed
MW3 kicks off conference


OPINION: Sony’s E3 press conference

PSVita priced and dated
Move confirmed for BioShock Infinite
Dust 514 goes free, digital and PS3 only
NBA 2K12 gets Move support
Vita line-up detailed
PS3 gets EA privileges
Move sales hit 8.8m
New Sly Cooper confirmed
3D PlayStation monitor announced
Phaser controller for Star Trek game
Tretton apologies for PSN outage
Ruin links Vita with PS3
God of War Origins incoming


Battlefield 3 dated
Mass Effect 3 ships March 2012
Football Club announced
The Sims goes Social
Insomniac game is Overstrike


Far Cry 3 announced
Brothers in Arms Furious 4
Just Dance 3 announced
Beyond Good & Evil 2 skips 360, PS3
Tintin movie tie-in on the way


Leisure Suit Larry bounces back
Wii 2 to be called ‘Nintendo’?
Halo 4 outed
Grand Theft V chat increases
Skylanders gets cross-platform play
Will Wright making casual sci-fi MMO
COD Elite free features detailed
Free items for PS Home users
Rare developing voice-focused Kinect title
THQ teams up with Adidas
New multi-format Insomniac title coming
MW3 pre-orders ahead of Black Ops
Activision’s line-up detailed
COD Elite beta kicks off in July
MS to reveal ‘Diamond’ TV service?
Sony reiterates NGP price pledge
Sony unveils Payday The Heist
COD Escalation hits PS3 this week

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