E3 2011: Grand Theft V chat increases

There’s no way of knowing whether a new Grand Theft Auto will be announced at this year’s E3, but if you believe in the adage "there’s no smoke without fire" then you should probably start getting excited.

Some insiders are now absolutely certain that Rockstar will use either the Microsoft or Sony E3 press conference to unveil the long awaited Grand Theft Auto V.

Furthermore, there seems to be lots of chatter about the game’s location, which is believed to be Los Angeles.

This is notable as it would be the first time the GTA universe has opted for a real-life city, aside from the 2D London outing on playStation.

While other games in the series have mirrored real cities (GTAIII and IV – New York, Vice City – Miami, San Andreas – vaguely Californian) they’ve always fallen short of actually naming and accurately recreating their inspirations.

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