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With a little over two weeks to go until The Games Media Awards 2011, in association with Grainger Games, it’s time for us to remind you exactly how modern we are.

We were going to communicate with you all by printing words on bits of paper. These were then going to be given to a gentleman called a ‘postman’. He then puts these paper bits into a van and drives to all of your houses and pushes it through a hole in the door. Which must take ages!

But apparently that’s not what they do now.

We’ve been told by the powers that be that we have to talk to you over something called Twitter and an interwebsite called Facebook.

So we spoke to our tech man and, to our utter amazement, he was able to put some Twitters and Facebooks into our personal computers. But here’s the bit we don’t understand – he reckons he’s put them into your computers too. He must have done it at night when you were tucked up in bed.

This is what he told us to tell you. We have no idea what any of it means:

The Games Media Awards 2011 Facebook page can be found here.

You can follow the Games Media Awards 2011 on Twitter here for links to info, features and guaranteed hilarity.

And if you want to talk about the GMAs on Twitter, then just include the #gma11 hashtag. On the night we’ll be live-blogging the event on and all your tagged Tweets will show up in that feed.

Got that? We haven’t. We had to ask host Greg Davies.

The Games Media Awards 2011, in association with Grainger Games, take place on Wednesday October 26th at the super chic Vinopolis venue near Borough Market. Greg Davies, top stand-up and star of The Inbetweeners, will be the host for the evening.

Grainger Games has signed up as headline sponsor of the event, with other sponsors already signed up including Microsoft, Codemasters, EA, Sony, Ubisoft, Nintendo, OnLive, Namco Bandai, Trion Worlds, Gamescom, Nordic Games, Konami, Sega, NC Soft, Rising Star Games, Green Man Gaming, Games Tribe, 2K Games and Venatus Media.

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