Games Media Awards 2015 Finalists: Features Writer

As we count down to the awards event on Wednesday October 14th, MCV profiles the finalists for this year’s Games Media Awards.

Here we look at the features writer category.

Steve Hogarty

Do you know that test they used to do on witches where they dunk them in the water? I want you to do that to me. Not to test if I am a witch, but to drown me. I want to drown. I’ve been writing about videogames for ten years and I want to be dead at the bottom of a lake. Please do it soon.

Matthew Pellet

Former GMA Rising Star nominee Matthew Pellett joined Future in 2007 and spent five-and-a-half unhealthy years worrying he was going to get chased out of the building because of his terrible words and even weaker puns. Instead he was made editor, and spends his days penning gigantic cover features and tweeting angry messages to rail companies.

Jake Tucker

Runs @VideoBrains and other events. Freelance writer.

Joe Skrebels

I’m Joe Skrebels, and I’m a policeman. I don’t know what I’m doing in this category, the last game I played was Carmen Sandiego: The Secret of the Stolen Drums with my little lad, Jordan. I live in Leeds, and really appreciate you flying me down to London.

Kirk McKeand

I’m just a man who writes about videogames and really likes perspex.

Marsh Davies

Writer & illustrator. Formerly of Edge magazine and PC Gamer. Now writes for Rock Paper Shotgun and casts PC gaming pods at Crate & Crowbar

Simon Parkin

Simon Parkin is an award-winning writer and journalist from England.

During the past decade he has been a contributor to New, Harper’s Magazine, the Guardian, New Statesmen, ESPN, BBC and a variety of other publications.

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