Games Media Awards 2015 Finalists: Journalists’ Journalist

As we count down to the awards event on Wednesday October 14th, MCV profiles the finalists for this year’s Games Media Awards.

Here we look at the Journalists’ Journalist category.

Julia Hardy

Julia Hardy is an experienced TV Presenter, writer, radio presenter and live host from London specialising in technology, video games, YouTube and pretty much anything to do with the online self.

Keith Stuart

Keith Stuart is the Guardian’s games editor. He has written about video games, technology and digital media for 20 years.

Keza MacDonald

I have worked in the games media for more than 9 years, during which time I have spoken about the culture and business of video games in newspapers and magazines, on websites and on TV across many major outlets.

The Miller Reports Simon Miller

A great man once said: ‘If you don’t know the score, you don’t know the truth’. That man was me. Most people quote ancient Greek chuffnuggets when looking for deep and meaningful words, but why do that when my own are better and capable of bringing a tear to one’s eye? Truth reporter out.

Simon Parkin

Simon Parkin is an award-winning writer and journalist from England.

During the past decade he has been a contributor to New, Harper’s Magazine, the Guardian, New Statesmen, ESPN, BBC and a variety of other publications.

Steve Burns

Hello. They wouldn’t let me simply state ‘Kill All Games Journalists’ here, so I suppose I’ll just say nothing at all. See ya.

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