Games Media Awards 2015 Finalists: YouTuber

As we count down to the awards event on Wednesday October 14th, MCV profiles the finalists for this year’s Games Media Awards.

Here we look at the YouTuber category.

Alex Olney

Alex is the video producer of Nintendo Life, the largest Nintendo site in the world. Recently branching out into YouTube has been a huge challenge for Alex but things are looking up and the fans’ response to his work has been hugely humbling for this bumbling twenty-something.

Andy Kelly

Andy Kelly is a journalist based in Bath, England. He’s currently features editor for PC Gamer and is also a contributor to The Guardian, Vice, Kotaku, Edge, and others. His YouTube series Other Places is a celebration of beautiful video game worlds and a tribute to the artists who create them.

Angus Morrison

Ross Kemp on Gamers, but with hair. Mister Survival.

Dave Jewitt

For the past two years I was in my room making YouTube videos as a hobby and a labour of love. I had many late nights editing, hosting Lets Plays and streams for charity, and trying my best to make content that others may find entertaining. After hundreds of videos uploaded, I was lucky enough to obtain a role as a Video Producer, and become part of a great team at After only being in the industry for 3 months, being nominated for a GMA came as a surprise, but I hope it’s a sign of great things to come.

Kate Gray

Kate is a video producer and freelance games journalist currently working at GameSpot, where she writes, presents, produces and edits videos for the website and YouTube. In a former life, she was a games magazine journalist, writing for ONM and OXM before moving to the glamorous world of moving pictures.

Mark Brown

Mark Brown is the host of GameMaker’s Toolkit – a YouTube series on videogamedesign. GMT shows how Mario is inspired by Chinese poetry, how Resident Evil secretly stops you getting frustrated, and how Half Life teaches you how to play withouta tutorial

Kim Richards

Kim Richards, under the username Nanosounds, is an editor and YouTuber for the Yogast. Her first videos went up in May 2013 and she soon gained a huge fanbase.

Matt Lees

London-based gaming journalist who specialises in writing, video, and audio stuff.

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