GameStop: Digital sales will hit $35bn by 2014

Global retail giant GameStop predicts the digital games market will hit $35bn by 2014.

The firm says the current value is around $20bn, so will grow by 75 per cent over the next two years. It also expects points card sales to double by 2014, rising by 110 per cent.

GameStop’s International boss Mike Mauler revealed the numbers during his London Games Conference keynote today. He revealed GameStop anticipates DLC will grow the most over the next three years, with mobile also growing by around 100 per cent.

But Mauler stressed it isn’t over for console games. He said: "We’re not giving up on console. We expect it to be flat between 2010 and 2014. It’s big business. It will still be $50bn."

He added: We’re seeing incredible growth with points cards. We’re seeing a 15 to 20 per cent attach rate for DLC at point of sale.”

Mauler also said 50 per cent of in-store customers who had never purchased DLC before bought points cards and DLC cards from GameStop first. And 91 per cent of these customers said they would repeat purchase at GameStop store.

87 per cent of customers said they were satisfied with their purchase. The No.1 reason for this was the store’s loyalty point programme. 59 per cent said it was because a store associate explained it to them well, while half of customers said they were happy because of ‘payment flexibility’, such as using cash or credit to buy DLC.

GameStop sells DLC and points cards in 4,400 of its stores.

Mauler also discussed plans to use its cloud gaming service Spawn Labs and digital download site Impulse together, so that gamers can play their games before they are downloaded.

He revealed GameStop will launch its ‘gamer certified’ tablets in 200 stores by November 1st.

"We believe it is all complimentary to console gaming. And what grows the industry is good for the games industry and good for GameStop."

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