GaymerX2 2014 will be the last

This year’s GaymerX2 convention will be the last, its organisers have said.

A recent successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised more than double its target amount, helped to secure the 2014 event but has not been sufficient to enable its long-term future.

"We decided that we could no longer continue as a convention as the price of running a yearly convention downtown in San Francisco was just too high," organizer Matt Conn told Polygon.

We weren’t able to get the corporate sponsorship that we needed to make it something sustainable, and we were racking up huge amounts of debt to put this years con on.

"That being said, we’re going to make the very best convention we can and we’re super eager to see a rise in more alt-cons in the future, making gaming accessible to everyone."

Fellow organiser Toni Rocca elaborated on the corporate sponsorship struggles, adding: "We would love to, instead, at least shed light on the companies that do have progressive management and who do understand that the game industry cannot hide from equality any longer.

"With the collaboration of IndieCade, Cards Against Humanities is sponsoring a really incredible game room at GaymerX. Likewise BioWare is also going to be present in a big way. Alienware will be donating over fifty computers for us to use in workshops and gaming events. We are also currently in talks with the good people at Ubisoft."

GaymerX 2014 will take place in San Francisco on July 11th-13th.

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