GMA 2011 FINALISTS: Regional Games Columnist

In the run-up to the big event on Wednesday October 26th at Vinopolis, we’re providing a series of features profiling those media brands and individuals in the running for an award.

Ian Crump – Southern Daily Echo

In 2007 Ian Crump was tasked by one of the largest distributors of regional news in the south to help them reach out to the ever-growing gaming community across Hampshire and Dorset. Since then their gaming coverage has gone from strength-to-strength by including not just Crump’s reviews but news, competitions, charts, interviews, information on downloads and more.

Dave Cook – The Scotsman

Growing weary of crap weather and high cholesterol, Dave fled Scotland over a year ago now to start work at NowGamer. However, he continues to write for national Scottish newspaper The Scotsman, and has a bloody good time doing so. Dave also wants to issue a ‘Mega-Thanks of Gratitude +1’ to everyone who nominated his column this year.

Phil Harris – Craigmillar Chronicle

Harris started writing for SquareGo in November 2008, becoming editor-in-chief in October 2009. Changing the direction of SquareGo, he substantially increased readership, whilst ensuring the brand gave equal consideration and web-time to both indie and established developers. This role secured Phil’s position at the Chronicle, providing an opportunity to concentrate on games which would be relevant and informative to its readership.

James Harvey – Cardiff & South Wales Advertiser

Freelance reviewer, James Harvey, started writing for the Cardiff & South Wales Advertiser whilst at university. A life-long gamer, his passion for the industry has been demonstrated in print for the past eight years. His favourite all-time game is Phantasy Star Online on the Dreamcast.

Ed Hill – Derby Telegraph

Mainly Hill writes about fires, car crashes, deaths, tombolas, cows with heads trapped in ladders, hamsters caught behind radiators, and occasionally games. He was born in Burton-on-Trent, and still lives there, so gaming was (and is) a necessary escape. Mega Lo Mania is on his top-five-best-games-ever list. Hill’s parents spent about 100 renting it from Blockbusters for him. So this nomination is down to them, he says.

Dan Slingsby – Syndicated Regional

The Games Addict column continues to go from strength to strength. So much so, in fact, that Dan has had to hand over some of my writing chores to George, his three-year-old son. It’ll be a good few years before he’s let loose on a Gears Of War title – even if his favourite activity is squishing bugs in the back garden – but he gives his sage advice on the many children’s games reviewed. Dan is absolutely thrilled” to have been nominated again, so thanks everyone who voted for him.

Steve Wollaston – Sunday Mercury

Steve currently writes a full page of gaming every week for the Midland’s very own award-winning tabloid paper The Sunday Mercury. The page features a wide spectrum of gaming content for all the family. Often younger reviewers provide important content to the family themed games coverage. Steve also edits an accompanying blog on the paper’s website.

The Games Media Awards 2011, in association with Grainger Games, take place on Wednesday October 26th at the super chic Vinopolis venue near Borough Market. Greg Davies, top stand-up and star of The Inbetweeners, will be the host for the evening.

Grainger Games has signed up as headline sponsor of the event, with other sponsors already signed up including Microsoft, Codemasters, EA, Sony, Ubisoft, Nintendo, OnLive, Namco Bandai, Trion Worlds, Gamescom, Nordic Games, Konami, Sega, NC Soft, Rising Star Games, Green Man Gaming, Games Tribe, 2K Games and Venatus Media.

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