GMA Hall of Fame: Martin Gaston

We continue to profile the winners of last year’s Games Media Awards, as we speed towards the event on Thursday October 18th. This week we speak to Martin Gaston, the reviews editor at, who was named the GMA Rising Star in 2011…

How did it feel to win a Games Media Award last year?

It was amazing! I often like to present myself as a bit of a sassy chap, so like a real winner I quietly crept out of the event for a bit and cried like a big sissy. It’s always nice to be on the receiving end of something nice, basically. If anyone reading this voted for me, thank you!

What do the GMAs mean to the games press community?

I wouldn’t dare speak for the whole games press, but they certainly mean a lot to me. It’s easy to pretend that you’re a bit too cool to want approval from your peers, but I’ve never been a very cool person to begin with.

Other than winning a GMA, what has been your biggest achievement to date?

Convincing Tom and James Orry to let me have a job, and every time I manage to write something that somebody enjoys.

Which of your competitors do you admire, and why?

I love the passion and talent of the whole Eurogamer team, who set the bar that I fail miserably at beating on a daily basis. GameSpot UK’s video work is sublime and perpetually enviable, and I think Tom Francis’ article about ending BioShock is one of the most amazing things about gaming ever written.

Who’s your favourite non-games writer?

Gabriel Garca Mrquez does things with imagery that other human beings could only dream of. I’d love to see him review Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

What’s the best press trip you’ve been on?

A publisher once took me on an absolutely phenomenal trip to New York where I got to go in a whizzy helicopter, eat a pizza bigger than a car wheel and see the Statue of Liberty. It was one of the best things I have ever done in my whole life and I cannot thank them enough for the opportunity. In return, I produced a rather lukewarm preview of the game I was sent to see. I hope they still like me.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

A one-two punch of sage wisdom from one of my best friends in the world: Write for your audience and don’t write for free.

And what advice would you give to someone hoping to work in the games media space?

Write for your audience and don’t write for free.

If you weren’t working in games media, what would you be doing?

Sitting in a dark room wearing only my pants and playing Dota 2, only not getting paid for it.

Who would be your Games Media Award Legend?

I’m afraid I’d have to split it between Guy Cocker, Wesley Yin-Poole and Christian Donlan. Sorry! All three are at the top of their game and have given me support and encouragement when I needed it. I am much too shy to ever thank them in person.

The Games Media Awards will this year take place on Thursday October 18th and return to the super chic Vinopolis, Bankside.Russell Kane, winner of the Edinburgh Comedy Awards, will be the host for the evening.You can follow the gma twitter feed at @GamesMediaAward.

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