GoG.com: ‘DRM harms sales’

Digital rights management fails to prevent illegal game sales, says digital download firm Good Old Games.

Speaking at the 2011 London Games Conference, GoG.com’s MD Guillaume Rambourg said: DRM does not protect your product, I should think it will harm your sales in the long run.

DRM does not protect your sales. However, there is one industry that got everything right – piracy.

We’re living in a fast paced society. Consumers expect a fast and easy experience and piracy offers that. Treat piracy as competition not as an enemy.

Your customers hate DRM so stop going against them. Don’t make things complicated for them or you’ll commut commercial suicide.”

According to the Vigilant Defender Piracy Survey 2011, 52 per cent of players state that DRM actively discourages them from buying games.

GoG says it offers free goodies, fair price policy and customer love.

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