Hearthstone pro Hafu speaks out about sexist trolling on Twitch

Hafu Chan is one of the bestHearthstone Arenaplayers in the world. She’s also a woman. Some of the things she has to deal with a result of those two factsare the topic ofThe Trials of a Female Esports Champion, a ten-minute interview/documentary that examines some of the struggles women face when they take part in a scene dominated by men.

Hafu, who also hosts a popularTwitch channel, clearly loves Hearthstone, but is just as obviously troubled when the topic of the abuse she faces as a female pro gamer comes up. She was formerly a World of Warcraft pro, but describes how she was turned off of competition by incidents like the presence of a team called Gonna Rape Hafu At Regionals” in a WoW Tournament Realm. She now earns a living streaming Hearthstone, but hasgiven thought to walking away from that as well.

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