Heavy Rain dev teases next game

Quantic Dream has released the tech demo for its next project, Kara.

The video, which can be seen below, shows an android girl being assembled and calibrated. When she begins to show independent thought, her manufacturers begin to disassemble her, prompting her to beg for her life.

The technology is reportedly running in real time on PS3, although the French developer maintains that it is not from a project currently in development, according to VG247. Instead, it’s a taster of the foundations of Quantic’s next title, which will be exclusive to Sony.

Studio boss David Cage said the demo was actually completed a year ago, but that the new engine that runs it is still being developed.

"There are people doing more interesting things or differet things, perhps, but I feel we’re pretty alone in what we’re trying to explore," he said.

"What we’re trying to create is really interactive entertainment for an adult audience. We don’t pretend that we’re cleverer than anyone else – but there are so many games out there that provide limited entertinment, and we try to make something for a more mature audience."

The tech demo for Kara was released during GDC 2012.

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