Indian indies at Casual Connect Asia

Indie developers from India will make up a sizeable contingent at next month’s Casual Connect Asia in Singapore. Award-winning games like Save The Dummy, Meanwhile In A Parallel Universe, and Project Heera will be showcased at the three-day event, with several developers also scheduled to speak.

Here’s a list of Indian indie developers headed to Casual Connect Asia, and what you can expect from them.

Narcissist Reality

May is an eventful month for Ansh Patel aka Narcissist Reality. Exist will be playable for the first time at Bit Bazaar in Toronto on 10th May, and then Patel will be on hand at Casual Connect to showcase the horror-adventure game himself. He will also be speaking on ‘Representing Real World Issues Through Games’ at the event.

Useful links:Exist website

SuperSike Games

SuperSike, who’s debut release, Yet Another Bird Game, was in the running for the Indie Prize last year, will be showcasing two of its upcoming games at Casual Connect. The first is fast-paced drug-dealing game, Go Kane, which is nearing release. The other game is endless arcade title Catcher in the Sky, which was on development hiatus until recently, but is now also close to completion and will be playable at CCA.

Useful links: SuperSike website, Facebook page


Sandeep Saha, aka Sandyloisa, will be attending Casual Connect as a NASSCOM delegate, and will also be showcasing two games at the event. The first is the mobile version of his award-winning physics puzzler, Save the Dummy, while the other is the recently announced Bricks and Minions, which you can see in action below. Saha will also be part of the Game Slam, a special panel that will discuss and dissect the indie games showcased at CCA.

Useful links: Sandyloisa website

Zombies Indie House

Diptoman Mukherjee and the rest of the Zombies Indie House team will be in Singapore to show off Meanwhile in a Parallel Universe, which recently won an honourable mention award in the Tizen App Challenge. Mukherjee, winner of an NGF Award for his solo project, Chaos Theory, will discuss the development of MIAPU in his talk titled ‘Reversing a Cliche – Developing the Idea Behind Meanwhile in a Parallel Universe’. Since all of that won’t keep him busy enough, he’ll also be joining Sandeep Saha in the Game Slam.

Useful links: Zombies Indie House website, Diptoman’s Domain website

Lucid Labs

Little is known about Lucid Lab’s (not to be confused with 2K Drive developer Lucid Games)debut game,Roto, other than the fact that it’s a game about big balls. The studio, comprised of DSK Supinfogame alumni, isn’t revealing much either, aside from some minimalist artwork. The game will be showcased at Casual Connect though, so hop over and find out what it’s all about.

Useful links: Roto on Facebook

Ogre Head Studio

Ogre Head Studio, previously known as Rocksalt Games, released its first game, Roadkill Xtreme, in January, and is now preparing for the launch of Yummy Bugz on iOS and Android. The Hyderabad-based studio will have a booth at CCA showcasing both games.

Useful links: Rocksalt website, Roadkill Xtreme on Android and iOS

Mudit Jaju and Himanshu Kapoor

Hueron started out as an experimental collaboration between Mudit Jaju, Himanshu Kapoor and Kinshuk Sunil, but has since been realised into aprize-winning strategy game. Jaju and Kapoor will be on hand at Casual Connect Asia to showcase the game, which will be in the running for the Indie Prize. Also in the running is Kapoor’s solo project, Spellbound, an episodic game that is set to debut later this year. Lastly, Kapoor will be speaking on Interactive Storytelling for Adventure Games.

Useful links:Himanshu Kapoor at Fleon


Vidhvan Madan was catapulted onto the world stage when his game, Lovely Planet, was featured on Kotaku. The unique first-person shooter places as much emphasis on movement – more specifically, jumping – as it does on shooting. To add to that, it looks unlike anything else out there. Lovely Planet is headed for a PC/Mac release and doesn’t have a release date yet, so make sure you check it out at CCA.

Useful links: Lovely Planet website

Team Mazhlele

Having just returned from the BAFTA Game Awards in the UK, where their game, Project Heera, was a nominee, Team Mazhlele will be on hand at CCA to show off the award-winning multi-player heist game. Heera started out as a solo BYOG competition winning entry by Tanmay Chinchkar, and you can read more about the development of the game and how it’s evolved over time in our interview with him.

Useful links: Project Heera on Facebook

Seven Summits Studio

Asar Dhandala andPrithvi Raj Pawar will be showcasing their game, Petite, at Casual Connect Asia, and the game is also in the running for Indie Prize. Petite started out as a prize-winning experimental prototype, but has since evolved into a full-fledged ambient game thatrevolves around the life of a woman and several incidents that occur along the way, with each level of the game representing a new situation. Petite is out in June, but visitors will be able to check it out at CCA in May.

Useful links: Seven Summits website, Facebook page


Bangalore-based indie startup Moonfrog has just launched its first game, Bingo Club, a real-time multiplayer game that puts a unique spin on the Housie formula. The studio has its roots in the social games space, and Bingo Club, its first mobile endeavour, is also in the running for the Indie Prize at Casual Connect Asia.

Useful links: Moonfrog website, Facebook page,Bingo Club on Android

If you’re an Indian indie developer and will be at Casual Connect Asia, either speaking or showcasing your game, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to update this list.

Casual Connect Asia takes place in Singapore from 20th to 22nd May.

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