International Factfile 2016: Argentina

Argentina is the third biggest market in Latin America with $409m (333m) in revenues, behind Brazil ($1.3bn) and Mexico ($1.1bn), Newzoo reports.

In 2016, Latin America only represented four per cent of the global games market, with revenues reaching $4.1bn (3.3bn), but it was also the fastest growing market in the world with a 20.1 per cent growth year-on-year, Newzoo adds.

Argentina’s dev scene is particularly vocal. Studios are supported by the Argentine Game Developers Association (ADVA), which organises numerous events to promote the local industry every year, starting with the annual EVA (Exposicin de Videojuegos Argentina). The fourteenth edition will take place this November.

The Argentina Game Show is another big video games event in the country. The latest edition just took place, with a big focus on eSports, which is booming in the country. Argentina has had its own eSports organisation since 2014.

Mobile gaming is also growing in the country, generating $169m (137m) in 2016. Mobile games revenue should continue to grow at a 12.7 per cent rate until 2021, reaching $309m (251m) by then, SuperData says.

One of the reasons why Argentinians are turning to mobile is the high price of games in the country, which suffer from high import taxes. For example, FIFA 17’s launch price was 1,600 Argentine Pesos -– about 85.

Population: 43,847,000

Capital City: Buenos Aires

Currency: Argentine Peso (ARS)

GDP (Per Capita): $12,645.2


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