JAPAN 2007: Nintendo dominates software sales

Nintendo’s stunning performance in the east couldn’t be any clearer, looking at the latest figures from exclusive MCV media partner Enterbrain, publisher of the highly-respected Famitsu magazine.

Only Capcom’s PSP title Monster Hunter Portable 2 and Square Enix’s Dragon Quest IV manage to break Nintendo’s hold on the top ten, which is as follows:


1. Wii Sports (Nintendo): 1,911,520

2. Monster Hunter Portable 2 (Capcom): 1,489,898

3. Wii Play (Nintendo): 1,487,484

4. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (Nintendo): 1,256,516

5. Mario Party DS (Nintendo): 1,232,644

6. New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo) 1,176,939

7. Pokemon Diamind/Pearl (Nintendo) 1,094,389

8. Mario Party 8 (Nintendo) 1,053,934

9. Dragon Quest IV (Square Enix) 1,052,827

10. More Brain Training (Nintendo) 1,033,933

For more facts and figures from the full-year 2007 report on the japanese market, click here.

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