LGC: PEGI unveils International Age Rating Coalition

PEGI has detailed a new rating system due to be rolled out worldwide.

Simon Little, PEGI MD, detailed the International Age Rating Coalition for the first time at this year’s London Games Conference.

The new system will be deployed as a single online form, which will see developers and publishers answer pre-determined criteria to generate a rating for their product.

Little went on to highlight the new system is designed to simply the process of obtaining a worldwide rating for a game.

It’s a win for everyone involved in the creation of a game,” said Little.

The new system offers instant classification for products, which Little added would aid digital publishers and developers.

Little confirmed there would be no cost to firms using the system as all costs will be covered by platform holders.

The new system has already generated interest from the industry’s biggest players, including Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

The new system is due to be rolled out early next year.

Participating territories include the UK, USA, South America, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil amongst others.

Little added PEGI is in talks with Japan and South Korea to introduce the system in the Asian territories.

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