Mandelson backs three-strikes policy

Labour MP and Business Secretary Peter Mandelson has stated that the UK will follow the lead set by France in introducing a three-strikes-and-you’re-out” policy that will leave those accused of internet piracy without a broadband connection.

Lord Mandelson wants those found guilty of repeat offences cut off within 15 months of the original offence. However, no details concerning the policing or enforcement of this policy have been revealed.

Ofcom will be put in charge of the appeals process. However, flying the in face of Britain’s long-established legal system, those identified as pirates will only be allowed to appeal once they have been identified for disconnection – it does not seem as if a defence will be allowed prior to the verdict being passed.

We need to make breaking the law an unnecessary risk,” Lord Mandelson stated. I was shocked to learn that only one in 20 music tracks in the UK is downloaded legally. We cannot sit back and do nothing.

Taking people’s work without due payment is wrong. It is not just morally unacceptable but it is unsustainable. The days of consequence free online infringement are over.

All the rules need to be sensible and need to be up to date. Technical measures will be a last resort and I have no expectation of mass suspensions resulting.”

Image: Peter Gallina

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