MCV @ GAMESCOM INSIGHT: Batman and the rise of the collector’s item

Eric Baesa of creative specialist TAKEOFF discusses the importance of collector’s editions and the power of Batman merchandise.

We’ve seen some major changes in the physical world of video games.

There have been fewer games released, with an increased focus on digital. But there remains a massive audience of gamers that want something tangible, and that’s sparked a huge growth in collector’s editions and special press kits, which give customers a reason to buy a physical box.

What’s remarkable about publishers is that they invest in buzz kits or collector boxes to promote and sell their franchises, but mostly to reward long-time fans with collectable items.


For example, we provided Warner Bros with the extravagant press kit for Batman Arkham Origins, which won multiple awards.

The goal behind thekit was to design an original object that would be highly desirable and unprecedented. When our dynamic and passionate team gathered, they eventually agreed to use Batman’s most powerfulsignature trademark, the Batarang.

The team sparked ideas around it and suggested we make a printed folder, inside of which would be a video display or printed booklet shaped like the Batarang.

We then decided to merge both ideas: use the Batarang and insert a video display. The design impressed our clients and became real when we presented them with the first prototype: a Batarang that featured a high-resolution screen with speakersand external USB port to download gameplay trailers, artwork and screen shots.

Warner Bros was hooked and ordered a very limitednumber of copies, each one bearing a serial number and customised stand, featuring the name of the owner and the title ‘Citizen of Arkham’.


When the campaign hit, it went viral. IGN was the first to share a video of the kit to over 3m of its subscribers on YouTube. The resulting content got thousands of positive reactions on social network, and over 120,000 views in the first week.

It just goes to show the power of our team’s ideas and their belief in making the creative and original possible.

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