Miniclip: Browser games approaching ‘console quality’

Miniclip’s senior producer Jamie Cason says online browser games are nearing the level of quality associated with console titles.

The online games portal spoke highly of its Dogfight Squadron game.

Cason told attendees at the 2011 London Games Conference: These browser games – like Dogfight Squadron – are approaching console quality.

Not only that, but we work with a range of developers and refresh our content regularly. Two new games [go live on the site] every week which keeps people coming back for more. And we’re all about multiplatform. If we have a hit game, we’ll bring it to mobile and more."

Miniclip’s advertising partners include Disney and Warner Bros, and 30 per cent of its players are under 14 years old.

Cason revealed Miniclip has 65m players per month, 18m registered users and 600 free-to-play games.

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