Monster Hunter 4G shifts 1.6m units in first week in Japan; 230k New 3DS consoles sold in its first two days

Nintendo’s New 3DS consoles are off to a strong start in Japan, according to data provided by Famitsu.

It launched in October 11th and by October 12th it had shifted a combined total of 230,000 units.

Of this figure 172,332 were the larger New 3DS LL, while its smaller sibling sold 81,959 units. By comparison, the 3DS LL sold 235,974 sold in its first week on shelves in Japan.

Meanwhile Monster Hunter 4G launched this week and sold an impressive 1.6m units. One of the New 3DS LL SKUs was bundled with this game, which no doubt contributed to some of the hardware’s huge sales.

This is considerably more than previous blockbuster 3DS launch Yokai Watch 2, which sold 1.3m units in its first week.

Further down the charts FIFA 15 makes its Japanese debut. Only the PlayStation 3 and 4 versions chart, with football title being more popular on Sony’s older hardware.

Here’s the software Top Ten for the period between October 6th and October 12th:

1.Monster Hunter 4G (Capcom) 3DS – 1,617,949 (New)
2.Super Smash Bros (Nintendo) 3DS – 81,959
3.Yokai Watch 2: Ganso/ Honke (Level 5) 3DS – 58,487
4.Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix (Square Enix) PS3 – 24,575
5.FIFA 15 EA) PS3 – 17,128 (New)
6.FIFA 15 (EA) PS4 – 16,998 (New)
7.Driveclub (Sony) PS4 – 7,611 (New)
8.Zettai Zetsubo Shojo Danganronpa: Another Episode (Spike Chunsoft) Vita – 6,559
9.Kinki no Maguna (Marvelous) 3DS – 6,203
10.Nazotoki Battle TORE! Densetsu no Makyu wo Fukkatsu Saseyo! (Bandai Namco) 3DS – 5,111

And here’s the hardware Top Ten:

1. New Nintendo 3DS LL – 172,332 (New)
2. New Nintendo 3DS – 61,151 (New)
3. Nintendo 3DS LL – 21,851
4. PS4 – 9,883
5. PS Vita – 8,717
6. Nintendo 3DS – 7,676
7. Wii U – 5,107
8. PS3 – 4,446
9. Xbox One – 918
10. PS VitaTV – 693
11. PSP – 95

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