No Coaching: The FGC Debate Continues

Over the last couple of weeks, the Fighting Game Community has lit up again over the long debated issue of coaching. The Street Fighter V grand finals at Texas Showdown kicked everything off with a new twist. Echo Fox’s Julio Fuentes was facing the fact the bracket was reset when he received a phone call mid-set. On the other end of this call was another top Ken player, Chris Tatarian, attempting to help him with advice.

Julio would go on to win the set and the tournament from there, but the FGC would blow up overnight about that short phone call. The past history of coaching at events already shows mixed feelings on the subject from across the community, and now it has very publicly happened in a new way. Panda Gaming’s FilipinoChamp fanned the flames harder with his own phone call while facing Julio during SFV top 8 at Northwest Majors. This prompted a tweet from Mr. Wizard restating Evo will not allow coaching which yet again has put a spotlight on the FGC’s struggle to deal with the issue.

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