Poll suggests little next-gen interest in Japan

Although there are indications that there’s a decent appetite for Xbox One and PS4 in the West, the same can’t necessarily be said of Japan.

Kotaku reports the Japan.Internet.com poll found that only 2.5 per cent of respondents intended to purchase an Xbox One during its launch window, whenever that might be. 16.1 per cent are interested in Microsoft’s machine although 81.3 per cent said they have zero interest in purchasing one.

The numbers surprisingly weren’t that much better for PS4. 10.9 per cent want to buy one in the launch window, 25 per cent are interested and 64.4 per cent have no intention to buy.

Note that the poll questioned just 1,066 individuals, 53.1 per cent of whom were male. Half own a games console already and only 14 per cent were teenagers and 16 per cent in their twenties. The majority were 40 and above.

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