PS4 outselling Xbox One 1.5-to-1 in the UK

Sony has claimed that PS4 is experiencing a significant sales advantage over its rival Xbox One in the UK.

UK boss Fergal Gara told Eurogamer that its machine is outselling Microsoft’s by a ratio of 1.5-to-1 in the UK. That means for every two Xbox Ones sold PS4 is selling three units.

Note too that Xbox One stock remains – on the whole – easier to obtain than PS4 in the UK.

The numbers are all the more impressive considering the extent of Xbox 360’s UK victory. While Europe has traditionally fallen on the side of PlayStation, Xbox 360 was the comfortable last-gen victor in the UK, despite a late and prolonged surge from PS3.

Indeed, Gera admits that with regard to Xbox 360 and PS3, Microsoft’s machine enjoyed a 1.5-to-1 sales advantage over Sony’s in the UK.

The latest global next-gen sales figures show 4.2m PS4 unit sales. Xbox One, on the other hand, has ‘shipped’ 3.9m units, with actual sales remaining unknown but estimated to be around 3m. That represents a sales ratio of 2-to-1.5.

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